Featuring STEK DYNOshield, the most advance Paint Protection Film on the market! Self healing, ultra clear, ultra glossy and hydrophobic.


After our extensive research and years of testing automotive films Dent Solution FX is proud to offer our clients the most advanced paint protection film on the market. STEK DYNOshield offers best in class clarity, self healing, puncture resistance, stain resistance and an infused hydrophobic top coat, STEK HYDROphobe. All of this amounts to the best protection for your factory paint from rock chips, wash scratches, bird droppings and other exterior contaminants.

DYNOshield combined with our exclusive and extensive near seamless installations allow you piece of mind when it comes to your new vehicle’s condition. Whether it’s a shopping cart in a parking lot or rocks kicking up on the road no other product is going to offer you the same quality protection. *For DYNOmatt and DYNOprism please contact for pricing.

Full Front $2,495

This is our number one best seller. Providing you with excellent coverage of the front end. Protecting the most volatile areas without all the seams. *Pricing and coverage vary based on size and model of vehicle. Please contact for pricing.

  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Full Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Foglights
  • Forward Face of Mirrors

Rocker Panels $300 .ea

Rocker Panels are a very high impact area, second only to your front bumper. *Pricing and coverage vary based on size and model of vehicle. Please contact for pricing.

  • Coverage of rocker panel.

Rear Wheel Wells $125 ea.

The rear wheels wells are an absolute critical area to cover with a new car. The rear tires on today’s high performance vehicles kick up a lot of debris causing major chipping in this area. *Pricing and coverage vary based on size and model of vehicle. Please contact for pricing.

  • Single strip coverage of rear wheel wells.

Rear Bumper Top $125

A custom piece of film for the top of your rear bumper to protect when placing and removing items from your trunk. *Pricing and coverage vary based on size and model of vehicle. Please contact for pricing.

  • Coverage of rear bumper top.

Rear Bumper $750

Maximum protection for the rear of your vehicle. *Pricing and coverage vary based on size and model of vehicle. Please contact for pricing.

  • Complete rear bumper coverage

Full Body Coverage *Contact for pricing.

*Pricing and coverage vary based on size and model of vehicle. Please contact for pricing.

A full body wrap is the easiest and best way to maintain your vehicle. STEK DYNOshield, DYNOmatt and DYNOprism are all infused with STEK HYDROphobe technology making them the most hydrophobic and easy to clean film on the market. Light swirls and scratches are a thing of the past with it’s self healing capabilities.


DYNoshield is infused with a hydrophobic coating during the manufacturing process. This makes the film ultra glossy and hydrophobic. Allowing for easier maintenance without any additional coatings or sealants needed.

Puncture Resistant

DYNOshield is the most puncture resistant film on the market. It’s ability to absorb impact helps prevent rock chips and reduces impact damage to the film itself.

Self Healing

DYNOshield has self healing technology. This allows for light swirls and scratches to self heal over time but is also heat activated. Meaning leaving the car out in the sun will accelerate healing.

Paint Protection Film FAQ’s

What is PPF?
Paint Protection Film is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane material that offers great protective properties including rock chip and abrasion resistance. TPU films were originally introduced by the military to provide protection for helicopter blades during takeoff and landing. TPU films have come a long way. If you remember paint protection film from 30 years ago, it was unsightly with orange peel texture, easily stained and would turn yellow after only a short time. Modern TPU films are clear and smooth. DYNOshield is the product we use and has HYDROphobe technology, this is a nano coating infused into the film that not only provides self healing properties against light wash marks but also is super easy to clean with it’s hydrophobic properties.
Self Healing PPF?
During the manufacturing process of STEK DYNOshield, a liquid topcoat is applied that is self healing. This does not self heal if it’s hit by a rock and it punctures, this is for light wash marks. Self healing happens most quickly when some level of heat is applied, but sitting outside in the sun will provide the same effects.
Why would I have PPF applied on my car?
PPF provides a barrier of protection that can take a lot of abuse. Most importantly, it is designed to protect paint against rock chip damage and debris that can damage the paint or clearcoat. Due to stringent EPA regulations, all new cars are painted with eco friendly water borne paint. Although better for the environment, it’s a much more delicate finish than the paint of yesteryears. An added benefit of STEK DYNOshield is that it has a self healing topcoat, is extremely hydrophobic, stain resistant and non yellowing. There is no better way to protect your vehicle’s paint against damage than PPF. Instead of removing a thin layer of clearcoat every time your vehicle’s paint needs to be polished to remove swirl marks and scratches, we believe it’s best to just add film to your vehicle’s clearcoat when it’s brand new. The most clearcoat your vehicle will ever have is when it’s brand new!
Do people cover their whole vehicles in PPF?
You bet, in fact we have completed hundreds of full vehicle wraps as it’s the very best protection available today. There are several areas that we believe are the most susceptible to rock damage, this is typically the front end, the lower rocker panels and the rear bumper. Any area that is in the line of fire from debris kicked up from your vehicle’s tires is considered high impact areas. If you want any more than the high impact areas, we recommend a full body wrap. This will fully take advantage of the film’s self healing and hydrophobic properties and you’ll probably end up wrapping every car you ever buy after owning a fully wrapped vehicle as the maintenance is so much easier than paint.
My car isn't new, can I still install PPF?
Paint protection film can be installed on pretty much any vehicle at any time. To get the most value out of the product, we recommend installing it when the vehicle is brand new. Rock chips and damage under the film will appear as an air bubble and will look somewhat unsightly. Touch up paint can be done under certain circumstances, but it is no substitution for a professional refinish from a qualified body shop. We will ask to look over your vehicle if it has more than a few thousand miles to verify that it’s a good candidate for PPF. If you have a highly sought after or collectible type of vehicle and you want to preserve the original finish and prevent new chips from happening, this is a situation where PPF may still be a good option even though it won’t look like a fresh paint job. We feel this is a case by case basis, please contact us if you would like us to evaluate your vehicle’s paint for PPF.
Is PPF removable?
Yes, paint protection film can generally be removed without damage. There are a few circumstances where this is not the case. If you have original paint on your vehicle, TYPICALLY the prepwork of the paint has been done properly and can be removed without damage. If your PPF was installed by a unqualified technician with a heavy handed blade, paint can be cut through the film, this will compromise the integrity of the paint and once removed can peel paint away during the removal process. We recommend to check out your potential installer’s.
Will my car need paint correction before PPF is installed?
The short answer is NO. Unless if wetsanding, touch up paint or major defect removal are needed, you can expect that we won’t surprise you with any additional prep fees. Our prepwork is extremely comprehensive so you can expect to get your car back cleaner than when you brought it in!
Why choose Dent Solution FX for your PPF installation?
We are passionate about the quality of our PPF installation. We go to great lengths to hide seams and edges to make the film appear as invisible as possible. We also stand behind the quality of our work 110%.


In addition to providing the highest quality material for your automotive protection, correction, and restoration service we also pride ourselves on providing the highest level of installation service around.  Not all material and not all service providers are created equal.  We’re not interested in providing wholesale service at a discount price, we’re only interested in providing the highest level of service possible…GUARANTEED!

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