Ian Cordle

A love for cars and an attention to detail that can’t be mistaken…

My love for cars goes back as far as I can remember. I fell in love with the way a car looked after it’s washed and freshly waxed. The way I could see subtle differences in the body, paint, or windows always interested me. Who would have known that my love for cars would take me on a journey and land me where I am today.

My father used to ask me to do chores and, like most parents, was met with resistance. Until one day, he was cleaning the family car, and I suddenly wanted to help. That was the beginning of my journey and the last day my dad had to ask me to do chores.

I was curious and asked him why our family vehicles had not been washed or waxed in a while. After I got his short answers, I surprised him by eagerly telling him, “I could do it.”

That turned into a great stream of income throughout high school, as I explored my passion by detailing cars for family and friends. Looking back now, I realized that was the start of my career and the spark that ignited the passion for knowing and educating myself on the latest, most incredible tools and applications to perfect whatever vehicle I was working on.

At seventeen, I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime. To be trained in and become a trainer in the art of paintless dent repair (PDR). After my training, I was appointed as the head trainer for professional technical training (PTT). The industry and tools were new, and the work was challenging. However, I persevered and finished my time with (PTT). I spent two & a half years learning all I could while training 235 journey-level auto body technicians on the art of paintless dent repair (PDR).

It was an incredible opportunity on so many levels. Being in that environment taught me a lot about the autobody repair industry as a whole while I was learning, teaching, and polishing my skills as a master paintless dent repair technician.

I learn as much about the autobody repair industry from my students as they learn from me. They taught me all about sanding, polishing, and technics for minor auto body repair and expert technics in detailing and workd class concourse detailing.

The relationships that I forged with these experts proved extremely valuable. They contributed to my knowledge of high-end paint correction, automotive dailing, and how to combine paintless dent removal to execute world-class repairs at a fraction of the price of traditional autobody repairs.

After completing my Professional Technical Training (PTT), I immediately opened my first shop at just 20 years of age, Absolute Dent & Detail, in Pleasanton, California. I had this shop for two years and specialize in auto detailing, Teflon coats, paint correction, wet sanding, and paintless dent repair.

It wasn’t easy being 20 years old and running my own business, but I learned a lot. I struggled in the beginning and had to close my shop due to a lack of business knowledge. Like most entrepreneurs, I was great at what I did, but I had to juggle what I loved with all the other skills I didn’t have to run a business.

After closing my doors, I went back to work for a local body shop, where I continued to increase my knowledge of the autobody collision repair industry. At the same time, I sharpened my skills as a paintless dent repair technician. Not too long after, I was hired as a general manager for Car Polishing in San Ramone, where I managed two mobile detailing crews from the Crow Canyon and Danville Blackhaw Business Park area. This is where I met Jim Patterson.

I met Jim in 1996 or 97; he was impressed with the quality of my work so he contracted me to bring his 1970 Ford Mustang convertible to show readiness and gave me three months to do it. During those three months, I learned about staging a car for a show, visually setting up the vehicle to highlight its unique characteristics, and, most importantly, how to win a car show.

We won first prize that year at the Oakland Roadster Show for the best detail and most clean. Later that year, we won the Auto Rama in Sacramento but lost the best of the show by 2 points to a 1964 black, convertible impala complete frame-up restoration. The car was incredible.

The experience inspired me to continue my growth as a paintless dent repair (PDR) technician and expand my skills and knowledge. I worked for several PDR companies included Dent Pro, for two years before branching out on my own and starting Dent Solution in Napa, California.

I’m blessed to own a successful business that I can continue to grow with my son Zain. I continue my strive for excellence with every job we do, expanding our services to include window tinting, self-healing paint protective films, and ceramic coatings that are second to none.

If you’re a past customer, thank you for supporting my business and family. If you’re considering becoming a customer, give us a call and see why we’re considered the best in the area for over 30 years now.

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